Welding Industrial Maintenance Services


Welding capabilities for carbon, stainless, galvanized, and aluminum materials by either MIG, TIG, arc weld, or abrasion.

We have the equipment to weld in the field or within the shop.

We have certified welders in carbon, stainless, and aluminum materials. We have certified structural welders using flux core welding or pipe welders using tig and/or stick welders.

Past welding jobs in the fabrication shop:
* structural beams with bolt clips
* stair stringers with stair clips and handrails
* SS or carbon holding and/or mixing tanks
* shipping racks for all mfg plants
* fire protection guarding
* pipe bollards and loading dock guarding
* roof ladders with safety cages
* guard rails and hand rails as needed
* painting and galvanize welded materials welded as needed

Past welding jobs in the field or at the customer location:
* pipe welding for stainless steel or carbon pipe
* structural welding for extra roof supports for new equipment
* steam and condensate return piping systems
* stairs and handrails installed after fabrication in IMS Fabrication shop
* handrails and guards installed after fabrication in IMS fabrication shop
* repairs to holding or mixing tanks
* OSHA safety guarding of all types of Mfg equipment

IMS has experience in welding on all types of projects such as stainless pipe, stainless duct, carbon pipe, carbon structural steel, carbon handrails, galvanized duct, galvanized steps, galvanized handrails, galvanized mezzanine, etc. IMS can price on welding per hour or per project.

Mike Taylor – Shop/Steel Project
mike.taylor.imsbelton@gmail.com   1 864-617-7879