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Industrial Maintenance & Services of Belton is capable of installing any size of PVC, screw, or weld stainless steel, carbon steel, and galvanized steel pipe.

Licensed in process piping and plumbing

IMS has experience with pipe such as stainless steel, air piping underground and above ground, carbon steel steam and condensate piping, galvanized air piping threaded, PVC water piping, Teflon coated (toluene) piping, underground ductile iron sewer piping, installing complete restroom facilities, carbon steel cooling tower piping, air compressor piping, and stainless steel chemical piping.

One of IMS largest pipe projects was for a local automotive plant to install the one million sqft manufacturing plant with all of the utilities piping for all of the different areas to supply utilities to all of the new manufacturing equipment to be installed later. IMS fabricated and installed all of the pipe supports to hold the following utilities piping: 10” carbon chill water supply and return, 8” carbon steam supply, 6” carbon condensate return, 6” stainless steel process water, 6” stainless steel compressed air, 2” copper potable water, and 2” temperature regulated copper supply and return loop for all eyewash stations. IMS Piping Team sub-contracted out the insulation and scaffolding, but IMS provided and install labels every 100 LF and at all turns. The total estimated amount of piping installed was 28,000 LF.

Industrial Maintenance Services Belton Pipe Fitting

IMS Piping Team made up of project managers with over 30 years experience can do the smallest repair to the largest project as the above example. IMS Piping Team is on 24-hour call for your plant emergencies to be able to help you get your plant back up running because of a major pipe break. IMS Piping Team is made up of certified and x-ray pipe welders, skilled pipe fitters, helpers, and fire watchers. IMS Pipe Team is always up to the challenge to provide our customers with projects that start with Safety, Quality, and the best competitive price. IMS Piping Team working with our licensed electricians and our skilled millwrights can give you the best Turn-key project using only one contractor to install your newly purchased equipment or to relocate your existing equipment.

Industries that IMS Pipe Team serves:
Textiles – finishing plants and weave plants

Please call IMS Piping Team to give you a quote or budget for your next project. We look forward to hearing from you and please let us know if we can do a Turn-Key project for you to get the best price possible?

IMS can price pipe fitting/plumbing per hour or per project

Justin Mullinax – Safety/Pipe Project Manager
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