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Industrial Maintenance & Services of Belton is a Licensed General and Mechanical Contractor which has been in business since 1988 in this area. We have, during this time, built a reputation on doing any job that is needed by our customer. We are a very diverse group and can often do turn key projects at a savings to our customers.

IMS of Belton has performed work for over 17 plants to help them achieve “OSHA VPP STAR “status. Kevin Craft President of IMS of Belton (which studied OSHA safety at Clemson University), would give each plant a free audit. Based on his audit and the plant engineers approval, IMS of Belton would fabricate and install guards for machinery, handrails, roof ladders with cages, GFI receptacles, safety gates, general cleaning, and painting, etc. IMS of Belton is always on call 24 hours a day for either OSHA items or every day break down items; please call us at 864-338-7020

The following are some of the services provided by Industrial Maintenance & Services:

• Installed stainless lines for engine test beds, fabricated and installed the brackets per customer specifications. Installed equipment in test areas of plant, as well as safety chains and supports. Guards and pump stations have also recently been installed.

• Installed 3000 feet of 2” stainless pipe, fabricate & install pipe supports, installed and piped 11 storage and cooking kettles with steam jackets and coils, installed catwalks and handrails.

• Remove and scrap 126 weaving machines, cut floor to install new stainless air headers with stubs and new Walker duct for electrical, re-pour floor, skid and remove 70 machines from the Milliken - Cedar Hill Plant and install at Peerless Plant, pipe air and electrical to machines.
• Remove and scrap 198 weaving machines, cut floor to install new stainless air headers with stubs and new Walker duct for electrical, re-pour floor, skid and remove 115 machines from the Milliken - Honea Path Plant and install at Peerless Plant, pipe air and electrical to machines.
• Remove four old and install four new air dryers for compressed air system, re-pipe 8” stainless supply and return, re-pipe 2” carbon supply and return.

• Fabricated grading and parts tables for their production areas. The tables had dividers and conveyors to allow parts to flow between areas of production.

• Installed the chemical monitoring and feed systems for their boiler, chiller and cooling tower systems. Over 35 metering and control systems were installed.

• Install air compressor, air dryer, and all stainless steel piping for 13 air jet weaving machines.
• Install atomizer system and all stainless and PVC piping for 13 weaving machines.
• Install new air compressor room. Graded, poured new pad, installed compressors and piping for new Centac compressors.

• Relocated test lab to new building, installed 30 pieces of equipment with weight range of 5,000 lbs. to 36,000 lbs.

• Install air compressor, air dryer, and all stainless steel piping for production area machines.
• Install, in three separate projects, a new water coolant recirculation loop. The loop was an all stainless header with PVC piping for the machine drops.
• Poured footers for Crane and Hoist.
• Cut trenches, framed out for new piping and re-poured with cement.

• Installed new compressor room at the Hartwell Plant. Included all grading, framing, cement work and erection of Metal Building.
• Install all piping and headers for new compressor room; install 300’ of 10” Stainless Steel pipe from new compressor room to existing compressor room.
• Install two 500 HP Compressors, Dryers and new Cooling Tower.

• Scrap 70 looms at the Kingsley Plant
• Re-Locate 70 Looms from the Peerless Plant to the Kingsley Plant, layout, set and level.
• Modify Peerless walkboards to fit with Looms, floor layout, and Kingsley lightbox and take-up.

• Installed New Benninger Pre-Wash Size Box on the B Slasher. Installation was turn key, including scrapping the used equipment, electrical, cement, piping, setting new equipment, safety walkways, and new filtration system tanks and piping.

• Installed towers for distribution fans for cement and dye mixtures.
• Installed piping for blown powder in plant.
• Fabricated and Installed safety guards in entire plant. Plant could not open for operation until they passed an OSHA inspection on the equipment. IMS made it happen.

• Remove 12 air dryers and tear out all unnecessary piping.
• Install 12 new air dryers for the compressed air system.
• Re-piped the 8 inch Stainless Steel supply and return line.
• Re-piped the 2 inch carbon supply and return lines.
• Terminated the electrical wiring.
• Assisted with start-up.

• Installed Tamafa blend line at Plant. Scope of work included electrical, millwright, piping and cement work. IMS support for this project was 16 people for 17 weeks. Electrical included 37,000 terminations. Start-up of project was ahead of schedule with no accidents. Installation of Equipment was turn-key.
• 1600 amp 600 Volt feeder installed for new Needle Line.
• Power distribution for switch gear one was modified to accommodate new equipment installation.

• Our largest piping and Millwright Project to date, over 1.5 million.
• Installed 16 new Stainless Tanks. Brewery Class for blending of chemicals.
• Installed all piping which included stainless, carbon and Teflon lined pipe.
• Installed new Hot Water System as well as new Chiller System.
• Fabricated and Installed walk way and gantry for the tanks.
• Installed new Pipe bridge Between new and old Buildings and made process tie-ins for chemicals.
• Installed Thermal Oxidizer for toluene vapors (one lift over 80,000 lbs).
• All work was in Explosion Proof areas or intrinsically safe.
• Installation was ahead of schedule with no accidents.
• Installed 2600 feet of 12" carbon steel steam line.

Please call  864-338-7020 if you have any questions about labor and equipment rates, need a firm quote on a project, insurance certificate, drug testing letter or more information about IMS Belton.