IMS Belton


INDUSTRIAL MAINTENANCE & SERVICES policy provides for establishing a safe, healthy, and environmentally sound work environment for its employees.
INDUSTRIAL MAINTENANCE & SERVICES and its management are committed to the proactive concept in safety.  IMS and its Management believe Safety is the most important part of any business function.  IMS fully supports, and requires strict compliance with all laws and regulations promulgated by federal, state, and local governmental agencies.  The company and all its projects adheres to the policies of IMS, in areas of safety, environmental protection, industrial hygiene, worker's compensation, and alcohol/drug monitoring.
To formalize this commitment and carry out the policy stated above, INDUSTRIAL MAINTENANCE & SERVICES adopts the following philosophies:
- All injuries are preventable.
- Working safely is a condition of employment.
- Make a fundamental and continuing commitment to sound safety practices and management of project operations.
- Put policies, programs, and procedures in place to promote compliance with the laws and regulations pertaining to safety and will provide training to employees which complies with safety and health related regulations.
INDUSTRIAL MAINTENANCE & SERVICES has full and complete responsibility to conduct operations in a way that complies with all safety and health regulations and job specific safety and health plans.  No officer, manager, or employee of the company shall cause INDUSTRIAL MAINTENANCE & SERVICES to knowingly violate any safety requirement without proper written variances and permission.  Safety is an integral part of all facility operations and business decisions.  No job is so urgent that it justifies conducting work in an unsafe manner

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